I had my first guitar when I was about 5 or 6 yrs old. It was a Christmas gift from my parents.  While I didn't take any lessons back then I enjoyed the sounds of strumming and making silly things up.  I started taking lessons about a decade later in the mid 80's.  I studied with some very talented teachers and absolutely fell in love with the guitar and music in general.

As musicians, we are constantly growing and evolving, learning new styles, experimenting with unique sounds to incorporate into our productions  etc.  It's all very exciting as nothing in life is static, especially when it comes to music.

Today I am busy teaching guitar, enhancing my production skills, building my catalog for music library submissions, sharing my passion for music on my YouTube channel and constantly writing and working on new material.

If  you live in the Victoria, B.C area and would like to book some guitar lessons then feel free to go to the contact page and leave me a message.

                                                                    Darren Davidson

     Music Producer and Guitar Instructor