My name is Darren Davidson, I'm a Music Composer, Teacher and Engineer.

Music is my passion and means of expression. I love songs that draw me in with a story. It could be as simple as boy meets girl etc. If you're curious like me you want to stick around to hear how the story ends.

My stories are told through my instrumental music.

It all starts off with a little seed idea. It could be a guitar riff, a piano line, a bass riff etc. No matter how it begins the journey is always an exciting and fulfilling one.

I usually write music that is cinematic, rock, pop based, ambient, reflective and ethereal.

I have been blessed to work as a musician for 27 years. I've written many songs, taught thousands of lessons and worked with many talented people.

Music truly is the universal language and there is always a new story to tell.

I currently have 2 self produced Ep's for sale entitled The Journey and Beyond Space and Time. They can be purchased through BandCamp

(link below)

Music is the Universal Language

Music Composer and Guitar Instructor